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VoIPFutura Presencia

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VoIP future PRESENCIA is a solution based on any of the VoIPFutura products (Core or EcoLite) and any of its configurations, to which the specific Mildmac software development, PRESENCIA, is added, providing extra functionality for scheduling control to the IP PBX.

With the VoIPFutura presence control you can put aside specific machines and software for the control of your employees. Its integration with VoIPFutura PBX allows you to use this as a complete system of signing and time control of employees by phone. Using an extension or a personal company mobile, whenever it is assigned and configured in the PBX, employee can register inputs and outputs in work leaving a record of hours and causes, having the possibility of generating periodic general or employee reports in selected date ranges, all of which are exportable to Excel.


It is a simple system that covers basic cases in order to not complicate the system. However, under the request of customer, the system can grow and be customized and adapted to the specific needs of your company.


logo-presencia-soloVoIPFutura Presencia has all the features of a system for telephone allocations and schedule control.

Telephone registers

  • A phone number will be configured and employees will call that number to access the presence control service.
  • Employee will make a call to this number whenever he gets or leaves the office for some reason.
  • Calls may be made from any work phone (not necessarily from the extension assigned to the worker).



Registers listing screen


Register detail screen

Each worker will use a 3 digit code that the company assigns him when registering in the system. It is a private and untransferable code that serves as a password because it identifies the “movements” of the worker and prevents identity spoofing..


The system incorporates recording and configuration of various locutions for different application purposes such as the welcome speech, code request of worker, notification of type of allegation (“Input” or “Output”), request for the cause of imputation (code assigned to the cause), etc.

Type of allocation (in/out)

To prevent human error and simplify the imputation process to the workers, the system performs an employee verification, date and type of the last allocation that he did, and the system itself will assign the type of allocation to be done, leaving the employee to decide whether the imputation which is recording is correct.


Register detail screen

In the case of an “entry” imputation, it will be completed. If it is an “exit”, the system will ask for the cause (“Food”, “Doctor”, “Personal issues”, “Day”, etc). The causes (“Food”, “Doctor”, “Personal issues”, “Day”, etc) they will be set up in administration interface and the system will automatically assign their corresponding keys code to press.


To simplify the system to the employee and not convert data entry in an endless succession of requests that may go correcting human errors, the system has been simplified so as to allow these errors but leave them marked, so that, subsequently, the system administrator can fix them, either by own initiative or by request of different employees.

In this way, the employee only need enter data by phone easily..


Employee record detail scren

Information request

Information request

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