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VoIPFutura description

VoIPFutura is more than a simple switchboard. It is a complete corporate voice over IP communications platform installed in your company which guarantees the success of any plan for voice over IP providing the most powerful features, functionalities and applications that today’s technology can offer (CTI, IVR, Fax2email, CRM integration, etc.).

We study your project to find the best product and the best configuration for your needs. We have already packaged solutions, rapid deployment and economically very profitable, with which you will get significant savings, both in traffic and in the management of your network, from the first day and that will allow you to offer new services to your customers.

Quality guaranteedBenefits and costs savingYour best investmentVoIPFutura seven golden rules
Quality guaranteed

Quality guaranteed

VoIPFutura, based on asterisk, is not a computer program that is installed on any machine!. VoIPFutura is based on a technology that requires extensive experience, work and knowledge in telephony, switching, call traffic, integration with external products… We have integrated the best hardware and software elements of the market (cards and terminals from different manufacturers, gateways, appliance, linux distributions, versions, packages, etc.) and considered the usual IP communications infrastructure in real production environments (routing, switching, structured cabling certification, wireless technologies, perimeter security…).

We offer you a bundled certified solution!

In VoIPfutura we have great partners and alliances that strengthen its organization as a leader in IP telephony products:

  • DIGIUM: creator of this technology (asterisk) with global implementation.
  • Avanzada7: representative of DIGIUM in Spain, endorsing its technology and certifying integrators in Spain.
  • Thousands of professionals certified by Digium in the world and by Avanzada 7 in Spain
  • HP, Sangoma, Snom, Linksys, Grandstream, etc

VoIPfutura is subjected to the most demanding tests, ensuring that the integration of all versions and all the elements that compose it is correct and his success comes backed with hundreds of deployments carried out in recent years. Our facilities are of high quality, robustness and an efficient preventive support thanks to the team of Mildmac engineers.

Mildmac leads, with its product VoIPfutura, one of the most emerging markets in recent years as the voice and messaging platforms with free software based on Asterisk.

Through rigorous processes of implementation, using the best telephony hardware and through the implementation of advanced configurations, VoIPfutura manages to offer a robust and excellent performance product capable of displacing the major proprietary solutions.

Also, Mildmac provides value-added offering solutions in switching, VPN, and WiMAX infrastructures. For this purpose it counts on technology partners such as Alvarion and HP.

Enjoy VoIPFutura with all the warranties from Mildmac, an enterprise integrating technological solutions for more than 25 years.

Benefits and costs saving

Benefits and costs saving

With VoIPFutura all are advantages. As well as enjoying an exceptional control unit, you will begin to save costs from the beginnig. You can save costs of operation, deployment, integration, maintenance, traffic…

VoIPFutura provides you with absolute reliability, being a clear competitor to proprietary PBX solutions

With our platform you will get, among others, the following benefits:

  • Easy scalability without licenses.
  • Systems distributed world-wide multi-site
  • Advanced switching and statistical services for Call Center
  • Independence with voice providers, saving telephone bill
  • Versatility, innovation and creativity in integrated services
  • High availability, back up strategies and clustered solutions
  • PSTN interconnection: Primaries, mobile links, PSTN, ISDN, SIP, IAXS…
  • Easy management and administration
  • Integration of third-party applications
  • Integration of devices
  • Never run obsolete in Hardware or Software
  • Growth and unlimited expansion in a very natural and non-traumatic way
  • Relocated with remote extensions with landlines, computers with softphones, mobile extensions with sofphone in PDAs, laptop computers, skype customers, radio terminals…
  • Continuing development of new applications and value-added services: Porter IP, Telepresence: punch in from your phone, telephone parts, integration with ERP and databases, sensors, devices…

We will help you to save costs from the outset. VoIPFutura is based on asterisk open source software, does not pay for licenses, and you can expand your PBX where you need without incurring costs.

You can control and save money with the additions or updates, without discarding the investments already made so far in your IP platform, and without the typically high costs associated with proprietary solutions.

We will advise you on those links that you can replace showing the advantages of using IP lines that will get some significant savings, both in calls to mobile as in international calls.

In those migration or introduction of IP technology along with traditional PABX projects, VoIPFutura is the perfect complement which will allow you to properly plan your network resources and allow you to expand it considerably, reducing costs in relation to a proprietary solution.

Your best investment

Your best investment

VoIPfutura is a platform for messaging and IP telephony, developed by MILDMAC ADVANCED SOLUTIONS.

With our system any company, whatever its size, can have advanced switching of calls and messaging services without incurring large investments.

VoIPFutura is a scalable solution with the ability to integrate different devices and types of traffic in your business processes, offering innovative, flexible and reliable solutions to manage your communications.

VoIPfutura, unlike the traditional PBX and proprietary telephony systems, is based on free software Asterisk getting a total interoperability with all types of terminals, allowing an optimal integration with any system ERP, CRM, CTI, supporting any IP lines provider or any provider for lines PSTN and mobile links.

Our vision on voice over IP communications is inclusive, where the limit makes it the customer’s need. We offer advanced solutions that aim to help your business processes. With this vision we have been incorporating more and more features and applications, at the same time that we continue developing value-added solutions that are innovative and useful.

VoIPFutura Radio over IP solutions enable organizations that have stations and radio terminals (walkie…), communicate with them as if they were extensions. With a new technology we are able to provide a complete solution for those management centers that do not have switching systems for this type of devices. The huge economic barriers posed by traditional solutions in these environments are easily overcome with our radio over IP product range, with fully competitive reliability, robustness, flexibility and security.

If your business needs a reliable VoIP solution with no limits, VoIPFutura is your best investment.

VoIPFutura seven golden rules

VoIPFutura meets the 7 golden rules, as a competitive advantage:

  1. Durable: a product with a projection in time, both by design and by the technologies used in its development.
  2. Scalable: a product that can grow vertically in functionality and can support a sustained growth in the needs of service.
  3. Maintainable: a product that provides information and tools for effective maintenance and that can guarantee a high availability scenario.
  4. Adaptable: a product that allows an easy extension or adaptation of the functionality according to the evolution of the Fliedner Foundation business model
  5. Modular: a highly modularized product that can grow horizontally in modules, allowing an n-tier scenarios distribution.
  6. Wearable: a product highly usable allowing a rapid adoption by the employees of the organization.
  7. Safe: secure and reliable product


  • 1 and 6 make sure the return on investment is fully guaranteed, and 6 should make this fairly quickly.
  • 2, 3 and 5 will reduce spending on maintenance and support. And allow tighter sizing of service needs…
  • 4 and 6 will reduce the learning curve, and therefore increase productivity.
  • 2 and 7 ensure the profitability of the investment
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