VoIPFutura Functionalities

Due to the flexibility of our solution, VoIPFutura is oriented to any company that wants either implement or migrate to a unified communications platform with the intention of growing its bussiness.

The following table provides the functionalities incorporated in VoIPFutura, around which we can build the best solution to your case:




Auto attendant. Calls queue creation system. These queues, fully configurable, enable you to add permanent and/or dynamic agents, which can login (identify) in any queue, according to needs. When an agent belongs to a queue, implies that it belongs to a group that responds to a series of requirements demanded by the callers and that it has the features of the queue in which is integrated.

Statistics and analysis. The system keeps a record of all interactions being carried out throughout its area. This record is stored in the database. With these records, any kind of reports, predefined or created by the user, can be made. It also allows exporting for handling from other environments.

Audio conferencing rooms. It is permitted to hold phone meetings without limit of participants or time. Participants may be located in the workplace, in remote, online, or with external calls.

Virtual numbering. “Virtual Incoming Number” service, through which, wherever the IP PBX are installed, you can, via the internet (IP network), have a geographic location number of any part of the world. This possibility allows us to make calls to local cost, although each partner may be in different countries.

Assign numbers to different extensions. System whereby the number of the caller is identified and carried out various actions such as send it to a mailbox, introduce you to a particular IVR, play music, pass it on to a particular extension, etc. In the same way you would act if the caller calls a particular phone number.

Telecommuting, remote offices… For companies with different locations, it is possible registering phones with their extensions as if they were on the same network as the PBX. It is also valid for the teleworkers providing them a phone at home, from which they may be connected with the office, as if they were there, with all its privileges and advantages.

You can shift your work place and continue with your extension. Possibility of transferring a call received in our extension to the desired extension.

Recording the calls that you want. The system provides both inbound and outgoing call recording system. It is possible to preset your status or turn it on or off by each operator. Recordings are made on external disks that can be swapped when its storage capacity reaches the limit without having to stop the production system.


Scheduled and slots. Depending on the time of day, it is possible to introduce a different locution. Programmable according to schedule, dates, holidays, IVR, access system, etc.

Utility through which a supervisor can hear the conversation of any operator, in real time.


Customizable for any status of the call (for example in the standby state). The most common audio formats are used.

The architecture of this system allows an “unlimited” number of extensions, each one of them with their corresponding voice mailboxes. The limit is located in hardware resources and the expandability of the selected computers.

Access to voice mail messages from e-mail. Each of the extensions can be configured individually to send an email to the owner whenever a message is left in your mailbox. This email is sent to the previously configured e-mail account and with an attached file in .wav or .CD format, which may be reproduced by the owner of the extension wherever he is.


Forwarding a call  if the extension does not respond within a given time, or if it is busy. Call forwarding can be done to another extension or external number (both mobile and fixed).

Save calling from abroad with the Callback function. After an incoming call, the PBX hangs and calls back to the origin. This service is very useful for international calls.

Calls to mobile phones with mobile links. Saving taking advantage of the best rates for calling mobile phones.

Reuse your current links with your usual supplier.

Sending and receiving fax from PC. Send and receive all faxes you need right from your computer. Faxes that arrive will do it in PDF format to the e-mail account/s that you have specified. When you send them you can do so either from the web interface or with a desktop program that must be installed on the computers of designated users.

Cheaper calls. You can make calls via SIP providers, which means a significant saving of costs with a perceived quality.

Calls from emails. Making a call by clicking on the link sent in an email: ideal for impulse response in Newsletter, marketing campaigns, etc.

Wide variety of terminals. VoIP future has been tested with a multitude of IP terminals. Peace of mind when choosing IP terminals with the safety of their proper integration with PBX.

Calls from the Web. You can contact your company from the Web saving costs and openning new channels with customers.

The integration of VoIPFutura with Skype will allow you to establish communications between any IP terminal (fixed, mobile) and Skype terminal, shipments of SMS´s from the terminal Skype, making calls between Skype terminals of your PBX, monitor your Skype credit, make call transfer between terminals, know the status of the Skype terminal… and a whole set of powerful integration features.