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VoIPFutura Core

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VoIPFutura CORE, a switchboard for your office with powerful features that will allow you to grow to more complex solutions.

VoIPFutura CORE is a telephone solution that will allow you to take advantage of your current links enjoying features for the optimization in the management of your voice traffic.

Your employees can communicate with your Office anywhere in the world via the internet in a simple way.

Due to the flexibility of our solution, VoIPFutura CORE is oriented to any company that wants to either implement or migrate to a unified communications platform with intention to grow.

Take advantage of the integration with computers (CTI) features to optimize your business processes.

You can use your current telephone (PSTN) lines, installing SoftPhones or IP phones. Wide range of terminals (IP phones) equally powerful and cheaper than those offered by those that use proprietary solutions

With VoIPFutura CORE you can evolve into configuration scenarios as complex as the nature of your company demands. With VoIPFutura CORE, your investment is guaranteed, will not be obsolete, and its evolution will be warrantied.

If you also use voice lines IP providers, from the first moment you´ll can have savings both in your calls to mobiles as on international calls.

VoIPFutura Core Diagram

VoIPFutura Core Diagram


With VoIPFutura Core you have all the functionality of PBX (switchboard), CTI (integration with computers), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Fax-To-Mail, Telepresence, automated surveys, integration of lines IP´s… and a powerful set of features that will optimize your voice communications allowing you to optimize the services provided to their  customers

See VoIPFutura features table

Information request

Information request

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