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VoIPFutura Micro

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VoIPFutura Micro

VoIPfutura Micro is a product designed for those who want a simple implementation and rapid deployment.

VoIPFutura Micro is a very special unit. Its main feature jumps at first sight: its small size. It almost fits in the
palm of the hand. With measures 10 x 10 x 4 cm and a weight of 650 g, this powerful unit has all the features and IP functionality of VoIPFutura family, admitting any configuration (Single, Multi, Assistant), although it is recommended for use in single mode and especially in remote locations of corporate multi- site configurations.

Despite its size it is a very complete computer, whose simple maintenance and replacement, quiet operation and powerful will serve to host a simple, versatile and powerful control panel for our company.

Solution, therefore, geared to small enterprises, or for remote offices in any installation, taking full advantage of the powerful features of the VoIPFutura product family, with easy capacity for growth and offering maximum flexibility in the configuration of your network from the beginning.

With VoIPfutura Micro you will have all the basic services of a PBX routing all input and output traffic via IP lines. You can also use RTB links (traditional basic telephone network). It allows the carrier independence, and can find the best service at the best price, according to the needs, even with failover of the operator redundancy .

It is, therefore, a more interesting alternative to Virtual PBX. Although, unlike those, it requires hardware, however, in case of network (internet) fail or service loss with IP operator, it allows full voice services domestically and an alternative to communicating with the outside through PSTN/ISDN/3G, which does not happen with a virtual switchboard.

The investment is guaranteed since the platform will never be obsolete and may expand according to your needs without incurring costs of licenses.


VoIPFutura Micro


Low consumption- 15W
Reduced dimensions- 10 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm – Weight 650gr
Hardware – It integrates the best compatible hardware

  • Intel Core i3 5ª Generation Processor
  • 2 front and 2 rear USB connectors
  • 1 audio connector for micro and headphones
  • 1 Ethernet network connector
  • 1 mini HDMI connector
  • 1 Display Port mini connector
  • 1 socket DC 19V
Stand-alone operation – does not require connection to internet or the cloud to its operating.
Scalable – High performance and the ability to grow without limit which VoIPFutura products offer 
Very economical – minimum investment with maximum performance and powerful features

Supports the installation of Asterisk (11.0) I Elastix (2.5), allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of any VoIPFutura IP PBX 
It supports up to 25 extensions
All kinds of connectivity through SIP gateways, allowing you to have different suppliers both in Sip trunk as Analog without penalizing the bandwidth growth
Independence of the operator, and can find the best service at the best price, according to the needs, even with failover of the operator redundancy
Supports any VoIPFutura configuration, although it is recommended for use in single mode and remote locations of multi-site configurations.

And it has all the usual features of any VoIPFutura platform

See VoIPFutura features table

Information request

Information request

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