It is part of the commonly called “Deadman” applications

With this system the person at risk is monitored by telephone to know that is active and operating, and if not, execute the configured alarm and warning actions (call to another number, send SMS, email…)

Designed to optimize occupational hazards management for those companies whose workers runs a kind of work with clear risk to their health or even their lives, and who need to be monitored to verify at all times that their integrity is safe and they have good conditions to perform their work, avoiding unwanted consequences.

It is configured according to the client´s conditions and customized to meet its needs.

Interacts with the person through the telephone terminal (wireless or fixed) connected to the system

Two modes

As an additional module integrated in the MILDMAC VoIPfutura platform. For this it is necessary that the company has VoIPFutura IP PBX.

This simple module is registered on the platform and is customized to meet the client’s needs and the specific operating conditions of its staff.

It is a Web service hosted in the cloud. To enjoy it, it is only necessary to recruit and register the service and follow the appropriate steps in the application interface to configure and customize it for our needs.

You do not need to have an IP PBX