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Engineering. Implementation. Support

Like all Mildmac products, VoIPFutura has an excellence support service where there is a total commitment to the level required by the customer. We also have excellent partners and alliances that position VoIPFutura as a leading product in IP telephony.

We offer you a full set of services tailored to your specific needs.

VoIPFutura is supported by a large and experienced team of engineers and technicians that we can offer you the most appropriate services according to their needs.


All VoIPFutura projects are made after a detailed analysis of needs and knowledge of the production environment where will receive. We help you to configure the best solution suited to your needs taking into account your situation, your expectations and your future plans.


We need minimum network data service conditions and certain characteristics that must be supported by the network electronics for the correct operation of VoIP. We cover all the installation and configuration processes of the components, hardware and software that make up the solution selected after the previous study so that we ensure a successful implementation of the project.


All products and services offered by Mildmac have a support (reactive), administration (proactive) and custom maintenance service to the customer’s needs.

We offer you different channels:

+ 34915013302

You can set and get your support according to your needs: on demand, Remote Helpdesk and preventive maintenance, remote monitoring, Administration support, update versions, changes and improvements, calls flow to telephone savings strategies updating, etc., preventive back-ups, restorations, etc..

Types of support:

Preventive support: By monitoring Voipfutura control unit online, we can know its status at every moment, analyze the different operating parameters and logs information (disk occupation, calls, etc…), and dignose, in a preventive manner, possible errors before to occur.

Reactive support: Intervention in case of incidence communicated by the customer or system down.

Administrative: It allows modifications of certain characteristics of lines, extensions, IVrs,  necessary in the daily life of a company

Evolutionary: always available the released version that enhances the capabilities of our platform VoipFutura

Usual availability:

Business hours
Extended working hours

Remote support:

It will be held whenever possible, avoiding travel to the installation. Perfect to perform support tasks whatsoever: preventive, management, evolutionary and even reactive to an incidence.

Onsite support:

After the diagnosis of the incidence, if technicians determine so, they will travel onsite for its resolution.


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