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Pack Eco-Zelia

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Low consumption IP PBX  with the price of a virtual switchboard

Pack Eco-Zelia includes everything you need to have a powerful and rapid to install unit with a basic boot configuration that allows you to compete and beat most of Virtual PBX on the market in its segment, maintaining all the advantages and features of a physical PBX.

Pack Eco-Zelia consists of:

As the whole VoIPFutura range, the Pack Eco-Zelia scalability lets it orderly and economic growth to more complex configurations and extensions of its structure.



Preconfigured PBX (Low consumption (10W/SSD)
Firewall + 8 ports Switch
1 operator Tel + 3  switched fixed numbers
4 expandable extensions with voice mail
2 Codecs G729 for bandwidth improvement
IVR, call recording, 1 conference room
Option 1

IP  Base +  3 DEC handsets instead of 3 fixed numbers

Option 2

Presence control application

Services included
IP geographic lines connection  
Remote installation assistance (1 hour)
Includes monitoring and support


89€/month + VAT



6€/month + VAT



Opc.1  +8 €/month+ VAT
Opc.2 – Consult
Opc.3 – Consult

Geographic DID
2 input lines
Output channels  according to bandwidth
VoIP operators call competitive rates

Option 3

Integration of other lines (PSTN, ISDN, primary)

Information request

Information request

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