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Radio over IP

Radio over IP, or RoIP, is similar to VoIP, but deploys two-way radio communications instead of phone calls.

From the system point of view, it is essentially VoIP with PTT (Push To Talk). Face the user operates as any other regular radio network. With RoIP, at least one node of the network is a radio (or a radio with an IP interface device) connected via IP to other nodes in this radio network. The other nodes can be two-way radios, but could also be dispatching consoles, whether traditional (hardware) or virtual (software on a PC), IP phones, softphones, smartphones or any other device accessible via IP communications.

RoIP can be implemented through private networks, as well as through the public Internet. It is useful in land mobile radio systems used by the departments of public safety and emergency public services that are distributed across a wide geographic area.


VoIPFutura ROIP is a product created by Mildmac for the integration of Radio stations, Walkie talkies and telephony. Radio communications base equipment (services of emergencies, protection, etc…) and radio terminals (walkies) live with VoiPFutura corporate telephony.

With VoIPFutura ROIP stations become one further extension, or extension calling becomes a transmitter, receiver or WALKIE. Integration makes access to the radio as simple as dial an extension and participate in the discussions as if we had a radio terminal in our hands.

The PTT (Push ToTalk) from our IP phone is controlled easily through the keys (*) and (#) on your IP phone. Thus, the integration of IP telephony with radio stations will allow use, with these stations, all the resources of the IP PBX: call recording, transfer to an extension or PBX external phones, communicate a radio call with the phone of a physician in a hospital anywhere in the world… Radio terminals are therefore treated as an extension of our IP platform (VoiPFutura), enjoying all its features.

The scope of our technology are numerous: remote medical assistance to emergency services in field, ski resorts, remote coordination in logistics services, communicating with security agents from distributed locations, maintenance of buildings, hotels, supermarkets,…

VoIPFutura RoIP-BASIC and VoIPFutura RoIP-MULTI are two solutions aimed at professional environments that allow you to integrate IP world with radio stations in a simple, robust and economic way.

VoIPFutura RoIP-BASIC you may get an extension of your IP PBX to behave like a radio and also a radio to behave like an extension of your PBX. You can establish communications between any extension of your PBX (IP phone, Softphone, skype terminal..) and radio terminals. VoIPFutura RoIP-MULTI is a complete radio system (switching matrix, adapters, operator consoles…) based on IP technology that allows you to create proven, flexible, powerful and safe control centers (dispatching Center).

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