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VoIPFutura Geo

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VoIPFutura GEO 
is a service that allows the location and control of the resources deployed position (listening to the information provided by different GPS or control position devices (mobile triangulation) and sending this information to mobile devices as to an interface allowing the knowledge of its position via web, or application.

This technology has practical applications in both the professional field as domestic. It can also be combined with VoIPFutura RoIP technology increasing implementation possibilities in a wide range of application scenarios.


We show two examples of application, both in the professional field as in the domestic, where combine with VoIPFutura RoIP (Radio over IP) technology.

Firefighting Service equipped with Radios (walkies) and geo-location devices example

The platform will allow to know in every moment the position of the deployed troops. In case of emergency (have been trapped by fire or there has been an accident) devices can emit the signal with your GPS position which is automatically detected by Voipfutura Roip technology allowing to take appropriate action, such as a rescue mission.

Application for Firefighting Service equipped with Radios (walkies) and geo-location devices

Application for Firefighting Service equipped with Radios (walkies) and geo-location devices



Domestic appliance example

VoIPFutura GEO allows to know the exact location of a person for a possible action in case of being disoriented or in loss, due to illness or for other reasons. A wrist device contains a tiny GPS and a SIM card of mobile telephony that allows bi-directional communication with the control center and send the information (position, message…) both to mobile devices and control center managed via a simple web interface. The knowledge of the position of the person can be continuously or on-demand, both from the control side as on the initiative of the bearer of the device.



Domestic appliance example

Domestic appliance example


Information request

Information request

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