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This is a VoIPFutura and Vozelia joint promotion. With VoIPFutura units and Vozelia IP lines you may save between 30 and 70% of your telephone bill.

Use our telephone savings calculator to find out the reduction percentage of your bill

Please have your latest telephone bill

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Schedule: L-V from 9:00h to 14:00h and from 15:00h to 18:00h.

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An IP PBX with IP lines contracted can mean significant savings on your calls. We can offer you a suitable solution for your company. To calculate the potential savings and the best configuration we will need you provide us with the following information.

Please review your fixed telephone bill. How many minutes a month on each type of calls do you consume ?


You can get an estimated savings of

{{ahorro.porcentaje}}% *

If you are interested in hiring the service and take advantage of the promotion offer until May 31, leave your details and we will contact you.

To enjoy these savings and this promotion, you must have an IP PBX.

If you do provide us with information about your telephony infrastructure and company information, we can offer you a configuration of VoIPFutura adapted to your needs.

* This saving is an estimate calculated automatically. To know exactly your savings, continue the process to contact us and customize your case.

Geographical distribution of the company

Number of extensions

Number of terminals

Number of voice mailboxes

Number of contracted lines

Current telephone operator

Our calculations indicate that your prices are quite reasonable.

However, please feel free to contact us for any other questions or request. Thank you.


Congratulations! Your choices guarantee optimum economic performance of your installation.

However, please feel free to contact us for any other questions or request. Thank you.

However, if you are thinking about changing your PBX and need information on VoIPFutura products or have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to contact with us. Thank you.


Company data

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One of our sales team will shortly contact you.

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